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Twitter-Fried? 5 Legit Reasons to Stop Using Twitter

twitter-logo-rt-2-150x150If you are like me, not only do you inwardly cringe when you learn about yet another social media site that you should be using, you secretly pine for a good reason to cut back on your social footprint. The 24-7-ness of it all can be pretty exhausting.

Here’s some food for thought to help you decide if Twitter is a place that you need to be. 5 reasons you can justify an end to your efforts on Twitter:

  1. For most, it doesn’t drive traffic: The amount of traffic that Twitter drives to a website can be quite low when compared to Facebook and email.
  2. Clutter: With roughly 500 million tweets sent per day on Twitter, and most users following several hundred profiles, your tweets can quickly and easily get lost in the stream.
  3. This is a twitterbot talking: The amount of spam on Twitter has steadily increased over the past few years. Fake accounts flood peoples’ feeds with bogus products and potentially harmful links and create an environment where you and your business may not want to be. Even real accounts have automation; to increase their activity on Twitter, many companies use programs to write and send tweets.
  4. Narrow categories of effective content: Celebrity buzz and eye-catching news stories get the most attention on Twitter, leaving little room for others to get their message heard. You may not be able to compete with an army of celebrities and their fans and the 24-hour news cycle.
  5. It’s a Game for Many: Many Twitter users are just trying to rack up followers. Many follow an account only to quickly unfollow to get more followers for themselves and boost their followers/following ratio. It is hard to engage with people who are just playing a numbers game.

Social Content – What Does It all Mean?

665_0_resizeSentiment140 analyzes Twitter sentiment to give you a deeper understanding of consumer attitudes. Sentiment140 takes the stream of mentions that are relevant to you and makes them more meaningful by giving you insight into the sentiments they represent.

You can search a hashtag on the Sentiment140 website and get a snapshot analysis of the conversation and sentiment–neutral, positive, or negative– expressed on Twitter about the topic.

The Seniment140 approach is different from other sentiment analysis sites because:
  • Classifiers built from machine learning algorithms are used.
  • The site offers classification of individual tweets, rather than aggregated numbers.