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To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag?

Hashtags are used on most social channels to add keywords or categories in posts and to attempt to unite conversations on the same topics. However, how to using them effectively varies by channel.

  • Twitter: According to Buddy Media, tweets with hashtags get two times more engagement than tweets without. Buddy Media’s research also showed one or two hashtags appear to be the max.
  • Instagram:Interactions are highest on Instagram posts with 11+ hashtags.
  • Facebook: Hashtags don’t seem to help with engagement on Facebook, and some preliminary studies indicate they may even decrease it.
  • Google+ gives your posts are given hashtags automatically based on their content, and you can also edit them or add your own.

Social Media Strategizing

social networkMedia monitoring service Mention says that there are in just two years there have been more than 1 billion company mentions on social media. They further note that consumers are expecting customer service through these channels. We all need to be there. Here are some things to think about as you develop or refine your social media strategy:

  • 76% of comments related to companies are neutral,everyday requests for assistance or advice.
  • Most company mentions come on Thursdays, and the company that wants to get out information with less competition should have a plan for posting on weekends.
  • Twitter is used most often by consumers, so it is important to be there. Equally important is finding the other social channels that may help you connect with your key constituencies.
  • Cross posting information in more than one place is a great way to maximize your resources.
  • Respond. Answers received in less than an hour are very well received, especially when the response is relevant and shows some personality. Even just a “thank you” makes a positive impact.
  • Non-English content is growing, so have a plan for engaging in more than one language.

Time to get strategizing! Share any tips that have helped you to have a social media plan that successful connects and engages you with key audiences.