Connecting with Teens (Don’t Discount Facebook Yet)

Pew has important new data for communicators who need to connect with teens. According to “Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015, ” 24% of teens go online “almost constantly” thanks to their smartphones. 56% go online several times a day 12% once-a-day 6% weekly 2% less often 91% of teens go online from mobile… Read More

Connect with Customers by Text

New data from Aspect Software (full report available in exchange for some information) shows that texting is a great way to engage with Millennials who are hyper-connected to their mobile devices. Making an appointment or getting a response by text is easy and welcome for this group.   This may be the next best way… Read More

Latest Data on Teens and the Internet

A  new study from Pew Research Center reveals that 92 percent of teens go online daily –24 percent of teens almost constantly–mostly thanks to smartphones. The latest data also shows that Facebook is the most popular and frequently used social media platform among teens (71 percent). Half of teens use Instagram and nearly as many… Read More