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In Case You Needed Convincing that You Need to Be Mobile Accessible

smartphoneAccording to comScore and Millennial Media, women aged 25-49, 80% are cross-screen users and 11% are mobile-only users.

The number of users that accesses the Internet mobile devices is growing, and will continue to grow as device adoption, multiple device ownership, and access to faster network connections develop around the globe, says the report. Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable moving across a number of devices to stay connected and consume content.

The total digital universe that accesses the Internet via PC or mobile device has grown 4% in the last year to 201 million users. The mobile-only user base has grown at 9 times this rate and PC-only users have decreased at 11 times this rate.

  • Adults 18+: 201M Monthly Users +4%
  • Mobile only: 19M +36%
  • Mobile and PC: 141M +16%
  • PC only: 40M – 45%
  • Total Mobile Users: 160M
  • Smartphone: 128M +17%
  • Tablet: 35M +13%

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The State of LinkedIn

linkedinForbes recently shared LinkedIn stats provided  by Wayne Breitbarth:

  • 300,000,000 users worldwide
  • 41% have 500+ connections; 15% have more than 1,000 connections
  • 58% spend more than two hours a week on LinkedIn
  • 42% post or participating in group discussions, a decline in overall participation; only 16% are in the maximum number of groups allowed (50).
  • 30% post individual status updates
  • 57% of companies have a page

Read the full article at Forbes.

How to Get Retweets

twitterretweetTwitter recently did a study that looked at more than 2 million tweets from verified accounts in the US and found that adding video, links, and photos all result a boost in the number of retweets.

Overall, the boost in retweets by tweet components were:

  • Photos, 35 percent
  • Videos, 28 percent
  • Quotes, 19 percent
  • A number or stat, 17 percent
  • Hashtags, 16 percent