The Pitfalls of Audience Based Navigation

It’s seems like such a great idea – arrange your website navigation around the primary audiences that use it. The only problem is that this approach is often more confusing than helpful. Understanding the audience is such a critical component to website strategy, that it becomes very tempting to design the site around the insights… Read More

Expand Your Email Reach with Share-Worthy Messages

The reach of your email campaigns can go well beyond the size of your distribution list if you build in tools that encourage sharing. Everyone on your email list is connected to other people. Research shows that the following are effective strategies to spur shares of both BtoB and BtoC emails: Include a prominent “Share… Read More

Who’s on Social Media in 2015

Historically, women have been more avid users of social media than men. More recent data, however, show that these differences are no longer statistically significant. A new Pew Research Center analysis finds that a similar share of men and women say they used social networking sites this year. 73% of online men use social media… Read More