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Findings that can guide communication efforts.

Tips for Effective Selection Options (Radio Buttons)

When giving users options on a form you can offer radio buttons, which allow for a single choice, or check boxes, which allow for multiple choices. Recently Nielsen Norman Group did some research that offers insight into the best way to present radio button options.

The key finding is that you should offer a default selection in most cases. Reasons to deviate or not: expedite tasks, the power of suggestion, user expectations, safety nets. Read the entire research findings.

The Right Words for Your Job Application

This is a sponsored post written at the request of the Grammarly grammar checker. Since this blog often addresses the power of the right words, I thought this infographic was a nice fit here.

Based on 500 active job postings from the top 100 most profitable companies in the United States, the folks at Grammarly offer some thoughts on the use of language used by job applicants:

  • Hiring companies do not want someone who views a “job” as “work”
  • “Experience” is more highly valued by hiring companies than “skills”
  • Job seekers should use their cover letter and resume to talk about instances of teamwork vs. individual contributions
  • Hiring companies prefer candidates with a degree versus relevant experience

Whether you are composing a job listing or your resume is in need of a tune-up, this infographic summarizes their findings.