Different colors work for different needs. It’s the same with communication tools – the right mix depends on your goals.

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High-Impact Communications

Your next digital communication project can be a smashing success. Your need a partner with a proven track-record of managing projects to ensure that they are on time, on budget, and – most importantly – on target to achieve goals.

So, whether you need a website strategy or redesign, a social media plan, or exceptional content, or other digital communication support, let’s talk. We can define the components that add up to a successful project, managing relationships among internal and external project stakeholders and translating information into language that stakeholders understand.

Tap Into Expertise

  • Leading the development and redesign of websites, social communities, and other online communication strategies for businesses, associations, nonprofits, and more
  • Project management from project conception to completion and beyond
  • Content strategy, writing, and editing, especially for online formats
  • Troubleshooting, investigating, and solving issues
  • Strategic communication planning


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Communication in a Web Saturated World

Last year, more than 8.6 trillion text messages were sent, including 6 billion per day in the United States alone. Texts – also known as short message service (SMS) – is another way to reach your audience. As with all channels, texting must be done authentically and strategically. Here are some points to consider for your… Read More

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Social media add features all the time, and here are two from Twitter and Instagram that you should consider. Instagram Boomerang Instagram’s Boomerang app creates looping, one-second videos. This has potential to be a very popular content-creation feature. Anyone doing social content creation will likely want to get to know Boomerang. Twitter Polls Twitter polls… Read More

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Facebook added a search tool about a year ago, but it wasn’t very useful. Now, Facebook search returns results for all public posts. This means that when you search for something on Facebook you will get results from your timeline, your friends’ timelines, and any public posts. This makes it easier to look at how… Read More

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I recently offered simple steps for making yourself findable on LinkedIn. I stopped at the resume-like core of the profile, which can just feel overwhelming. The more complete your profile is, the more findable it becomes , so it is worthwhile to take the time to complete all the sections. Summary The summary is a… Read More

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Did you know that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80 percent? Or, that when a relevant image is paired with information, people retain 65 percent (as opposed to just 10 percent for text-only messages) three days later? These are just some of the many stats that should guide… Read More

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A recent post about image sizes for Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks got a lot of attention, so clearly we all know that images are important to communicating online. If you find yourself admiring images posted by others but are at a loss for your own needs, this post is for you. It helps… Read More

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