Strategic communication services to maximize the impact of your websites, social communities, special events, and other outreach efforts.

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High-Impact Communications

Your next website redesign or other strategic communication project can be a smashing success. I have more than 25 years of experience managing projects to ensure that they are on time, on budget, and – most importantly – on target to achieve goals.

I coordinate all the components that add up to a successful project, managing relationships among internal and external project stakeholders and serving as the go-to person for projects and translating information into language that stakeholders understand.

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  • Leading the development and redesign of websites, social communities, and other online strategies for businesses, associations, nonprofits, and schools
  • Strategic communication planning
  • Project management from project conception to completion and beyond
  • Troubleshooting, investigating, and solving issues


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Communication in a Web Saturated World

Communicators know that effectiveness is not about the crowd assembled, it is about the relationship with each person we connect with. This applies to both physical and online gatherings: we don’t succeed unless we have meaningful conversations. Recent awareness that collecting “likes” on Facebook isn’t actually a valuable goal should not surprise any communication professional.…

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Blogging is more of a grind than a thrill. Getting eyeballs on your information in a world of content-overload is challenging. And, even when you get that attention, a recent study shows that engaging with people online is a rare achievement. But, you do have information to share and a blog is a great way…

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Now that we are a couple of decades into working on presenting information on the web, it is easy to see conventions developing in terms of handling navigation, content, calls to action, and more. Within industries and types of websites (e-commerce sites, for example) you can see many striking similarities. These emerging conventions challenge the…

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Katie Delahaye Paine is THE guru of measuring public relations work and she thinks that stupid metrics is the top reason that our profession gets no respect. For years, PR people have focused on activities not outcomes. They’ve measured value in terms of column inches and the height of a stack of press releases. The…

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I’ve played around with several tools to help me plan and track tasks across both the personal and professional parts of my life, and think I finally found a winner: Trello. There are free and paid versions of the tool, but all of my comments apply to the basic free version. Trello is pretty simple…

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Teachers provide me with inspiration on how to communicate well. Today I reflected on this at a post on LinkedIn, Communicators Can learn from Teachers. Comments are welcome here or at LinkedIn.

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