Different colors work for different needs. It’s the same with communication tools – the right mix depends on your goals.

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High-Impact Communications

Your next website redesign or other strategic communication project can be a smashing success. I have more than 25 years of experience managing projects to ensure that they are on time, on budget, and – most importantly – on target to achieve goals.

I coordinate all the components that add up to a successful project, managing relationships among internal and external project stakeholders and serving as the go-to person for projects and translating information into language that stakeholders understand.

Tap My Expertise

  • Leading the development and redesign of websites, social communities, and other online strategies for businesses, associations, nonprofits, and schools
  • Strategic communication planning
  • Project management from project conception to completion and beyond
  • Troubleshooting, investigating, and solving issues


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Communication in a Web Saturated World

Here’s a visual that every communicator who wants to leverage social tools should have on hand: The Conversation Prism. Developed in 2008 by Brian Solis, The Conversation Prism is a visual map of the social media landscape. It tracks dominant and promising social networks and organizes them by how they’re used in everyday life. It…

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I’ve been working on a few website redesigns lately and visiting sites that sell themes has been like arriving in a new world. Much has changed in the conventions of web design, most for the better when it comes to creating highly-usable sites. Flat Design As recently as a few years ago, the goal was…

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Data in Forrester Research’s new report, “Take Advantage of Positive Email Attitudes,” says that email is still an effective outreach tool.  The research found that 42 percent of US online adults delete most marketing email without reading it, down from 44 percent in 2012 and 59 percent in 2010. Plus, more people find that email…

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As I process the deluge of information and inspiration I gathered at the PRSA International Conference this week, a presentation that rises to the top was Ann Wylie’s master session on how to write to attract more readers. Ann’s “10 Ways to Reach More Readers” is a must-read one-pager for anyone who wants to connect…

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The following editorial first appeared in the Montgomery (Ala.) Advisor. It is reprinted here with permission of the authors. “It’s just PR.” We’ve all heard it — the implication that public relations is synonymous with clouding the issues, glossing over the truth, putting lipstick on a pig. And when public relations professionals hear that phrase,…

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I have previously written about the benefits of using Buffer to manage your social sharing. It’s still a great tool to consider and, combined with Bulk Buffer, can save you plenty of time. Bulk Buffer provides a simple way to send multiple updates to your Buffer account. With support for uploading text or csv files,…

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