Different colors work for different needs. It’s the same with communication tools – the right mix depends on your goals.

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High-Impact Communications

Your next website redesign or other strategic communication project can be a smashing success. I have more than 25 years of experience managing projects to ensure that they are on time, on budget, and – most importantly – on target to achieve goals.

I coordinate all the components that add up to a successful project, managing relationships among internal and external project stakeholders and serving as the go-to person for projects and translating information into language that stakeholders understand.

Tap My Expertise

  • Leading the development and redesign of websites, social communities, and other online strategies for businesses, associations, nonprofits, and schools
  • Strategic communication planning
  • Project management from project conception to completion and beyond
  • Troubleshooting, investigating, and solving issues


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Communication in a Web Saturated World

Public relations professionals develop great information and marketers always need great content, so it’s no surprise that there is an increasing intersection between PR and content marketing. PRSA-NCC’s Independent PR Alliance is offering a workshop on this topic, “PR’s Essential Role in Content Marketing Today” Content marketing and digital media are changing the face of…

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General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra recently compared leading the automaker through a crisis and raising two teenagers at the Forbes Reinventing America: The Workforce Summit. Women bring such an interesting perspective to the workplace. Clearly we need more women in C-suites. Watch the video: Mary Barra on Parenting and Leading GM Through Crisis

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I’ve previously posted here about great books for the communicator’s bookshelf, but we also need some great reads for our off time. Here I’ll share some great books I have read lately and hope that you will comment with your suggestions. Summer is almost here so it’s a great time for some vacation reads. Outlander…

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We share information on Facebook to connect with people, to strive for engagement with them. Photos receive 53 percent more likes on Facebook than the average post and 84 percent more link clicks. Clearly, visual content is a great way to achieve our goal. Not all images are created equal. To increase engagement with your…

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According to new figures from eMarketer, adults in the US will spend an average of 5 hours, 31 minutes watching video each day this year, mostly on digital devices. Digital devices, with the exception of desktops and laptops, are increasingly being used to watch videos. Time spent watching video on mobile devices will increase from…

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Hashtags help to categorize and filter social network postings. They are a great tool for getting your content connected to relevant people and conversations. As with any communication tool, getting hashtags right takes some insight and attention.   Twitter has posted about the science behind the perfect hashtag, but communicators need only to keep a…

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